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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

RWN members with similar personal and professional interest join to form Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to meet and share experiences. Members obtain mutual support and information as they pursue individual life and career goals.

More information on SIGs, including how to start a SIG can be found by logging in to the Members Only portion of the website. Click on "Resources" then "Document Management" then "RWN Member Connections"the group to first form remain; perhaps some day we will be able to celebrate women's true equality in the workplace. Until then, hooray for the RWN!


Contact: Linda Heeler  OR Tamara MacDuff

Are you struggling to reach your professional and/or personal goals? This SIG provides a supportive environment that helps its members set and achieve their goals. If you are in need of some accountability, inspiration and motivation, then join us. We meet monthly to set and discuss our goals and track our progress. We also explore solutions as to why we are not achieving our goals.

Board of Advisors

Contact:  Dawn Hampsey
RWN’s Board of Advisors SIG is a group for small business owners. BOA SIG members act as a confidential advisory board for each other. We meet monthly to discuss our goals, track our progress, and talk through any business question a group member needs advice or input on.

We meet the 1st Wednesday of each month from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Membership is restricted to individuals who are business owners working full time at their business. Attendance at meetings is required, with two absences a year allowed. Members can call in for a meeting if they are unable to attend in person.
Finance Contact: Holly Hewins []

For women with careers that deal with some aspect of finance. We are all about networking and sharing information pertinent to our profession. The world of finance is rapidly changing and we help keep each other current.

Outdoor Adventurers

Contact: Erin Coffey []
Alicia Davis []

Opportunities for members to connect informally and experience the many outdoor activities available in the Rochester area. The activities could include hiking, canoeing/kayaking and rock climbing in the summer, and ice climbing, downhill skiing and cross country skiing/snowshoeing in the winter. Other activities will be added based on people’s interests and skills. The activities will be once a month on a Saturday. All members are encouraged to attend any and all events they feel that they are physically able to participate in. 

Restauranteers Contact: Joanne Madonia at

Conquering Rochester one restaurant at a time!
Interested in great food, great company and a chance to try your hand at writing a restaurant review? Join us to enjoy a different restaurant each month while getting to know each other. We will write a review to post on the RWN website. This way our members learn about Rochester's restaurants and how their peers rate them. Dining out may include dinners, lunches, and/or brunches. We will be looking at food presentation and taste, atmosphere, service, appearance and cleanliness of the restaurant.

Rochester Women Refer

Contact: Linda Heeler [] or
France MacDonald []

RWN's Referral SIG is looking for women business owners who want to foster relationships, build their business and become brand advocates for their fellow members. The RWN Rochester Women Refer SIG meets the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month at noon.  Only one representative from each industry is allowed but a second group will be created if we have enough interest.  Attendance is required with an occasional sub when you can’t make it.  This is to ensure that the group stays robust and interactive with the members.

Sales & Marketing Contact: Jackie Johnson

The RWN Sales and Marketing SIG is for anyone that would like to learn about marketing, sales and how to grow their business. Providing you with tips on branding, marketing, prospecting, converting calls in to appointment, how to closing more deal, how to use social media, website management, seo’s and more. We will also be sharing ideas and developing our own best practices. All you will need is a notebook, pen and a winning attitude-the “sky is the limit.”

Success In Giving

Contacts:  Jodi Atkin []

Part referral group, part peer support, and part professional development, the SIG SIG will provide a forum and inspiration for RWN members to contribute to each other’s success by sharing referrals, best practices and strategic connections in a safe and supportive environment.  Members who naturally give to others—without compromising their own success—will be the best fit for this group. A group of people who want to give help and receive contacts and information to achieve their professional goals will fulfill the SIG’s purpose.

Wine SIG, Part Deux

Contact: Brittany Brandt

A Drinking group with a networking problem.   Due to popular demand Rochester Women's Network has started a second Wine SIG! We will learn about wine, food, and each other as we sip around the Wine Bars of Rochester

Wine & Wisdom

Contact:  Carol Kennedy []

The more wines people taste, the better they become at recognizing the characteristics of the wines they enjoy. SIG members will have the opportunity to taste several wines a month. We will study wine regions around the world, grape varietals, food and wine pairings, reading wine labels, and the wine making process.


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